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Nardò Ring, Nardò, Italy

Amazon Rainforest deforestationPara, Brazil

Terraced rice paddies, Yunnan, China

Soybean fields, São Domingos, Brazil 

Mount Whaleback Iron Ore Mine, Pilbara, Australia

Alang Ship-breaking yards, Gujarat, India

Plasticulture / Greenhouses, Almeria, Spain

Oil Extraction Wells, Texas

Vineyards, Huelva, Spain

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Jawbreaker - "Do You Still Hate Me"
from the album "24 Hour Revenge Therapy"


I have a picture of you and me in Brooklyn on a porch, it was raining. Hey, I remember that day and I miss you.


not getting anything done ‘cause you’re too busy teaching yourself how to do beadwork

sometimes they forget to turn off the sign across the street, so my apartment gets bathed in red moody light. 

sometimes they forget to turn off the sign across the street, so my apartment gets bathed in red moody light. 


Her privacy settings are public so I don’t even care


I really can’t wait until I’m done with school, mostly because I want to have more time to spend creating. I’ve been losing so much of that part of me since the early preparation for college began & especially now, three years in. I miss just spending hours working on something, without any concern for where I have to be in the next 20 minutes, how many things are due the next day, how few hours of sleep I’m going to be getting this week, or whether or not my anxiety is going to be too much to handle. 
I just hope I’ll have time to do that after college & the ideas will flow freely. I’ll be really upset if I don’t. 


Eggplant is an Indian crop, so [Monsanto does] genetic engineering of eggplant. They could have chosen 500 vegetables. Why don’t they choose potatoes for India? Why eggplant? Because it is native to India and we have 4,500 varieties. Why do they want to plant – by bullying – on six million acres – GM corn in Mexico? Because corn is the sacred crop of Mexico and the Andes. So basically, while the justification is, “We are doing science,” the reality is they are unleashing a war against our sacred cultures.

Vandana Shiva on GMO issues, University of Hawai’i, Jan 2013 (via lgbtbahai) +

saw Inside Llewyn Davis last night
it was good, but I basically only worried about all three cats the entire time

It’s official!

It’s official!

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